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Structured Cabling

Secured Network Solutions (SNS) designs, installs, tests and documents copper and fiber cabling infrastructures. No matter the application (i.e. voice, data, CATV, A/V, WI-FI, DAS…) SNS’s BICSI certified Level I and II technicians and RCDD’s implement BICSI and SNS best practices to insure that all installations meet or exceed industry standards. We understand that the vital data traveling over our infrastructures cannot be impeded or degraded because of a poorly installed cable infrastructure – SNS will not allow that to happen. SNS understands the importance of every facet of an installation including pathways, cable management, terminations, labeling, testing, and documentation.

Outside Plant Cabling (OSP)

Secured Network Solutions has the team, equipment and strong past performance necessary to offer complete high quality turnkey OSP copper and fiber cable infrastructures. SNS’s RCDD’s design and insure that all safety and quality standards during an installation are met. SNS’s technicians perform fiber fusion splicing, high pair copper splicing, pathway buildout, cable installs, testing and troubleshooting. To further improve the quality of SNS’s installations, SNS has begun implementing RFID and GIS mapping technology to increase accuracy and improve as-built documentation. SNS’s technicians are certified on safety elements such as confined space access, traffic control, excavation.

Alarm System

The importance of a properly installed fire alarm and/or mass notification system goes without saying. To that end, SNS is committed to having the best-trained technicians. SNS has Level I through IV NICET certified technicians on staff. These technicians are also certified and trained by our key manufacturers. SNS chooses highly reputable and proven manufactures to become part of our solutions.

Security Systems

SNS offers the full gamete of security solutions for our clients. CCTV, Access Control, Intrusion Detection and the comprehensive migration to manage these systems on one platform are all part of SNS’s security offerings.

Directional Drilling

SNS has some of the most seasoned veterans in the drilling industry running our five directional drills and their crews. Experience is critical in the directional drilling world because of the dangers and liabilities inherent with boring underground pathways. SNS has multiple size drills capable of any drill shots from 1” HDPE to 12” HDPE. We can also pull back packages up to (4) - 6” HDPE Conduits.

SNS underground division separates itself from other underground companies by offering GPS as-builts and RFID markers over top of pathways. We design, install, and maintain pathways for a multitude of customers. We would love the opportunity to work with you and your team as well.

OSP Pathways

SNS’s crews are capable of plowing or trenching subsurface pathways. SNS’s crews build large reinforced multi-way concrete encased ductbanks and set large concrete manholes required for access to these ductbanks.

Safety and quality are ALWAYS the key priorities.

Managed IT Services

Streamlined Managed Services (SMS) provides Expert IT Service and Support for your Business IT support needs.

Our Cybersecurity Management products provide business continuity, you’ll be able to recover from a natural disaster or ransomware attacks. SMS puts your business first. Our First-class customer service, and unique partnership approach ("TPV") is personal IT. Our personalized network solutions minimize downtime and maximize productivity and security. SMS offers a full range of Managed IT Services, tailoring each clients IT support structure to their business needs. Our team manages, monitors, and maintains your entire IT infrastructure with a set budget approach. Managed IT services is different from a “Break-Fix” approach that has no incentive to solve issues before they occur. SMS’s “Set Budget” unlimited service approach gives you all the IT services you need within a set monthly payment. We will help you with your IT processes, document your systems, and help plan out equipment budgets to prevent situations that may negatively impact your team’s growth and productivity.

Service Maintenance and

An important aspect in relation to the performance of any network or electronic system is proper maintenance. Monthly service and monitoring agreements available for fire, security, cyber management and threats.

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