Alarmed PDS – CTTA Approved


Secured Network Solutions, Inc. (SNS) has been heavily involved for many years with the development and implementation of Alarmed PDS solutions.

SNS has installed more Alarmed PDS systems for the U.S. Army than any other contractor.

Our experience and lessons learned have shown us the value and effectiveness of a properly installed and implemented ALARMED PDS solution:

SNS recently completed the most advanced and progressive ALARMED PDS installation to date for the U.S. Army’s NETCOM Headquarters in Fort Huachuca, AZ.

SNS has designed and installed Alarmed PDS solutions for both inside and outside plant applications. 

Previous Alarmed PDS solutions were plagued with high installation costs and false alarms.  Technological developments have solved these challenges. By implementing alarmed PDS zones (technology which SNS helped to develop) installation costs are drastically reduced over point to point monitoring.  Additionally, existing dark multimode or singlemode fibers can be used to monitor secure fiber pathways.  The biggest and most important advance in Alarmed PDS technology is the CyberSecure IMS software.  This software provides a simplistic interface, notification of events and alarms, a health report of your monitored zones, and a customized SOP for each zone.  CyberSecure software in conjunction with the INTERCEPTOR Intelligent PDS equipment performs diagnostics to insure alarms are qualified and need to be responded to.

CyberSecure IMS software is scalable which allows command centers the flexibility to monitor as many locations as required.



  • Holds a Certificate of Networthiness
  • Eliminate BOTTLENECK of High Bandwidth Classified Data (1Gbps-10Gbps-40GpbS-100Gbps)                   
  • Local, Regional, & Global Monitoring Capabilities
  • Centralized IA Audit Controls
  • 24-7 Monitoring of Pathways
  • Eliminate Expensive & Cumbersome TACLANEs
  • Eliminate PVI Daily Inspections
  • Eliminate Exposed Hardened Pathways

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